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George Stein

Owner / Director

George grew up in Westchester County, NY and has been in camping his entire life spending 40 summers at Camp Echo Lake in Warrensburg, NY, which was founded in 1946 by his grandparents. His parents took over in 1965 and George went from camper to counselor to Group Leader to Program Director before becoming Owner/Director 1993-2003.  His family still operates Echo Lake today. George also conceived of and built Dream BIG Day Camp, a private traditional day camp in Colorado and Project Denver, a scholarship program for inner city youngsters.

George chaired the Tri-State Camp Conference, the worlds’ largest camp conference, and served on a task force for the American Camp Association.  He also sat on the Board for Project Morry, a nationally recognized program named in honor of George’s father.

George was a three sport athlete at Tufts University, climbed Mt. Rainier and ran the NYC marathon.  He is the proud father of 15 year old sons, Will and Morry.